Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Day in The Villages

Today is Tuesday. We have had so much fun so far on our trip. We went to Epcot, we had a Father's Day Celebration, we met up with our family at Silver Springs and went to a comedy show. Now time for some serious relaxing. So today we decided to sleep late, eat Chick-fil-A, and go swimming. There was a nice pool just few minutes away (in golf cart time) We had a ball swimming and playing together. Then another turn in the weather sent us packing back to the condo. After a short while (just long enough to get cleaned up and ready for dinner) we were off again. We rode over to the other square to shop, eat and dance. The kids favorite part of riding in the golf carts is the tunnels that take us under the busy roads. Everyone raised their hands, we laid on the horn and screamed. At the other square there were tons and tons of people, booths set up by local vendors, live music and fun fun fun. We shopped around for a while and then headed to dinner.

Dad and Shad both got butter fish...JoJo and David got some kind of stuffed shrimp that they LOVED!!! So much so DeDe wanted to go back and eat here again. The restaurant was painted just like a beach house and was just a board walk away from the square!

After dinner we headed back to the square for some more dancing!

But first lets get a quick family picture or 2

No one was around to help so I am in the first and David is in the second! Wish I knew how to us photoshop better so I could get us all in one.

We danced!
and Danced!

And Danced...even the pre-teen...(she wasn't thrilled)

Big Daddy and his girls

AWWWW show the love!!! Don't act embarrassed of your daddy or he will give you something to be embarrassed about!

Thanks guys!

Family Dance

Me and my girl!

Wait...are you two cuddling...I want a piece of that!

It was a fun and relaxing day!

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