Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Easter with the Family! So blessed

After our Easter Egg Hunt at home we get ready and head to church. I always love Easter Sunday Service. As always this years was no disappointment. My prayer is always that those who only attend this one Sunday find a reason to come back next week.

Even though our church is uber casual...I am still a traditionalist on Easter. Don't my babies look GREAT!This kid totally Cracks me up...She is growing up way to fast...Emma is at the stage where she poses for EVERY picture...I can't get a shot without her head tilted...I have created a MONSTER!!! After church we came home to fix the Deviled Eggs and let Ryan and Carrie heat up their offerings for Easter lunch. Then we head to JoJo's for YUMMY ham, potato salad, jello beans, green beans,,,and the list goes on and on....
I just love this picture...Grace is almost 8 Belle is 5 Laurie and David....well Don't they all look GREAT!!!

Here is my Crew...Alex is 12 going on 18...Emma is 6 and Mr. Henry is 21 months

Come on Daddy show him how it is done.
That's right my boy is a natural...Who needs 2 hands

One of Henry's most favorite things to do is blow bubbles....Hours of enjoyment!!!

I love this pictures...I think it is too funny...Henry loved going in and out over and over..Here he was just coming in to let me know something.

Aunt Lolly gave all the kiddo's little Kites...Emma and I worked hard to get that kite up in the air
They were the size of dollar bills and super hard to fly but we sure worked at it

Henry and Carter played ball all DAY! And no one got a bat to the face...Impressive

Caleb ran and ran and ran all day..I got tons of shots but this was the BEST

After we eat and the kids play outside for a while it is time to hide the eggs..The guys love this part...Some of the eggs end up empty from being hurled threw the air at each other.

Henry can't wait to get out there and get him some CANDY!

Henry really just wanted to pick up one egg-open it-eat the candy- and then move on...It was really hard to get him to understand the concept!

See DADDY I told you there was candy in here.

Now Emma--she don't mess around...

Here they all are...Our beautiful kiddo's.
Jacob, Landon, Grace, Leigh, Belle, Henry, Garrett, Alex, Caleb, Emma, Caroline, and Caleb
So sad that Wendy, Robb, Lauren, Hannah, and Olivia couldn't be with us....

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