Tuesday, April 20, 2010

6 my heart smiles

Here she is..sweet Emma is 6!
Mrs. Heiman brought Emma in front of the entire class and they sang her the birthday song. She also got to color her own Birthday crown to wear all day at school!

For snack at school Emma wanted Blue and Red Cup Cakes. They were a huge hit. Everyone wanted to help pass out and all of her classmates were so sweet to say Thank you!
Me and My peanut

Emma got a huge surprise when her daddy got to come and eat lunch with her. Because he works in Burkburnett, Shad never gets to come to parties or eat lunch. She was SO EXCITED!!!
As is the custom in our house we had a big family dinner and then opened presents
Emma got Gardening Mama for her DSi. She loves those games
JoJo always makes Angel Food Cake with Whipped Cream and Strawberries

Emma's birthday party was a hoot. We went to How Great Thou Art!

First the girls learned how to draw faries! They all did such a great job and I was amazed at how different everyone of them was.Next was painting umbrella's. Emma LOVES umbrella's As soon as she thinks it might rain she is running to the closet for hers. All the girls really liked this craft. This is Emma and Kate Christoff

Rachelle and Caroline Big Sister loves Art also

Belle and laurie did a GREAT job.
Emma, Kate Wurster, Laura Christoff, Ashley, Kate Christoff, Bailey Brown, Gracie, Caroline, and Belle.

in This picture you can see Libby Featherston, Alexis Carter, Kenly Couchran, and Payton Murray
We loved the Maggie Moo's Ice Cream Cake YUMMY!!

Emma is six...six...six...I feel like if I say it enough it won't sound so strange coming out of my mouth. It is just insane to me that she is 6. She is such a delight. Her favorite things to do are watch TV, Dance, Sing, any art project, puzzles, play with her cousins, help with Henry, cook and talk (don't know where she gets that) Emma is full of energy, she loves to play outside and run with the boys. Emma was invited to Evan's party and she was the only girl from the class invited. She also loved going to Garrett Hudson's party. She loves life. She loves playing. She loves laughing. She loves everyone. I love everything about this girl. Even when she is driving me crazy I can't help but love her. Whenever I am stressed and she can tell she says "mom you look pretty" or she say "what can I help you do" I am so proud of her!!!

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