Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break

Spring Break started off Great! The week before I was in North Caroline at a business meeting and then I flew back to Dallas and went to market. On Saturday Shad drove mom and the kids to meet me. He ran the Rock and Roll half on Sunday so the kids came to market with me. I was so proud to show them off. Henry was busy but good and the girls were amazing. Lets just say we turned some serious heads.
After Shad's race he showered and came to market too! He loved walking around the floor with Henry...Henry bumbed all kinds of CANDY!!! SO FUNNY!!!
Henry finally tuckered out! JoJo and and my babies have taken many naps on this couch. Thanks New ICM!

Henry, Alex, and Emma all got Silly Bandz from my rep. Henry and mom started putting them on their nose. It was so FUNNY...Now Henry likes to wear Silly Bandz but would rather hang them from his nose!

Ready for a day at the zoo

We hit the monkey house first. It was chilly so all the monkeys were inside. Henry love the monkeys the best for days now he still says yea monkeys and claps his hands.

This is Stephanie my cousin that is so close to our family. She and her mom and brothers have come to visit us for years. Steph stays with us and we all cry when she has to leave. We were her vacations!!! But now that she is in college it is much harder for her to get to see us. We could not have been more excited to find out that Steph's Spring Break was the same time as ours and that she could meet us at the Zoo!

Here we are: Shad, Henry, Stephanie, Emma, Alex, JoJo, Karen, and Kyle

This Rhino was great...we decided that their must have been a morning meeting before Spring Break started. All the animals were told that they needed to get out there and show up for all these kiddo's...And boy did they!

All day Henry would say...there he is...there it is...i see cute!
My family is so cute...blessed each and every day!

Notice Alex's great smile...such a Jr. Higher

I love this picture!

There was a great educational table set up by the elephants. Henry is showing you his Elephant stamp he got. We got to hold a tusk and touch elephant hair. CRAZY!!

Kyle and Steph...Kyle has a twin brother Carter...He wasn't feeling great but He did make it to dinner. We loved seeing Carter and KYLE was such a BLAST at the Zoo. I can't wait for them to come and stay with us!!!

Did you know that Giraffe's did this...

Why is there and ostrich in with the giraffes..
JoJo with Kyle and Steph...I think she is shrinking?
Me and my mom...I LOVE HER!

Stephanie, me and Kyle. These guys are so great. I hope I can be half the mom they have. I ask my cousin Karen all the time what her secret is. I think she is holding out on me!

Great pic...Emma loved climbing on the fake termite homes.

They are too FUNNY...Karen did say they were beat down the next day. Hard to keep up with the babies when you aren't used to it anymore.

Checking out the white Tigers...they were laying right under the fence...hard to see!

These were some sleepy guys!
My Men!

My girls!

I love this pictures...Emma is so silly..She loves Dip and Dots!

Shad is making this face because Henry just totally sneezed on the kid beneath him. TO FUNNY!!!
Isn't this ram beautiful!

There was the neatest thing at the Zoo. I have seen this bird house for years but it has never been open before. So here is what you do. For $1 you buy a stick covered with bird seed. Then you feed the birdies inside. The kids LOVED IT!!!

Daddy was great at getting the birds.
Finally the kids found some birds on the ground that they could reach and feed!
Emma and I found and bird and got it on our stick. She was so excited!!! So was I!!

In the new Art's Alive Exhibit-Henry and I got to touch a snake. Who knew having a boy would change you so much!!!

Emma was so excited that Kyle carried her around on his shoulders...Seriously check out that smile! Thanks Kyle you are a good man!!!

These kids CRACK me up!!

Monkey BUTT!

Henry totally pooped out. After the zoo we ate at the Cheese Cake Factory and Carter came and met up with us. It was a great day!!!

The next day we took our time getting ready and packing up. We spent a little more time at market and then headed over to the Dallas Aquarium! This is the neatest place. I highly recomend it.

Emma is tired of pictures!
Another really cool thing we got to do. Alex fed some of the birds blue berries. I couldn't believe how gental the birds were. As you can see there is so much more at the aquarium than just fish!
JoJo and Alex...Alex didn't mind this picture!

Neither did Emma
This is the biggest CROCK I have ever seen. Shad and I used to watch the Crocodile Hunter all the time when we first got married!
These are my cute and tiny!

Henry was done with the stroller and ready to RUN

The Shark Tank was a HUGE hit. Henry LOVED the fish swiming all around us.

After all that we were STARVING and the Purple cow was calling our name. YUMMY

It was a Great Spring Break. I love making memories...and I love that I have a Blog to help me remember!

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