Friday, February 19, 2010

Finally some GREAT weather

For two days in a row we had some GREAT weather. It could have been a little warmer but who cares...If we weren't going to freeze to death we were going outside. So on Thursday when I picked Emma up from school we got the cousins and headed to the park for a little fun and energy run off.

Henry and the girls loved the musical park where the old wooden park used to be. They had so much fun running, sliding and playing make believe. Then we walked down to the water and fed (well tried to feed) some ducks. They were not from around here so they really weren't sure what to do. But with in seconds we were surrounded by Seagulls. And let me tell you they were all about what we had.

Then on Friday we decided to take our after school snack outside for a quick picnic before it started getting dark and cooling down. We spent about 45 min outside but it was glorious.

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