Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ice Day #2

Well this crazy weather finally supplied us with an ice day...we all got to stay home...I just love these days...we have so much fun. Emma and I made her 100 collection project. Thanks to Aunt Lolly's creative idea we made a cintapede...named Cinny. We road our wiggle car in the kitchen, I got to work out (without getting up at the crack of dawn) and so did shad... We colored, we ate, we napped, we was a GREAT day.. and we finished off with a trip to the gymnastics sports center for Belle's 5th birthday party.
Side Note: blanet is infront of the doors in the living room because of the sun room construction. Henry loves hiding back there...and looking for Kisses...and watching the is too funny to get on to him.

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