Monday, December 14, 2009

Tradition Lives!!!

Every year my grandma made Christmas Candy. She and my Grandpa were Major's in the Salvation Army. She had good friends all over the country, not to mention TONS of family. She couldn't afford to buy each and everyone a present so she made them. I know how much I looked forward her goodies and so did EVERYONE else. She spent weeks making candy, dipping chocolate, stirring, baking, slaving...I was never grateful enough for all that she did.
So a few years ago we lost my sweet Grandma...I know most of you know this because my heart BROKE!!! The year that she died my sister and I got together to make her treats. We talked about her and cried and made candy. It was such therapy. We decided to do it every year. A way to remember and keep her close as well as make new memories with our kiddo's.
This year the girls were big enough to help. Emma and Belle rolled chocolate balls for ever. I so enjoyed watching them. I know Grandma would be so proud! Her memory will live on through us.

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