Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Second Annual Halloween Party

My sweet Kiddo's Emma (Mulan) Henry (Pirate) Belle (Goldie Locks) Grace (Diva) Alex (80's girl...Can I just tell you how much that hurts my feelings.

Henry the Pirate and his forever side kick Ivey the Dragon

Mummy Wrap Rocks

However, Henry was not a fan

Eyeball bounce was a HUGE hit with the little boys and everyone loved the Pinata

Time to Trick-or-Treat... Olivia, Terry, and Dave

Please Please...just one piece...YUMMY!!!!

2 Years ago my sister and I decided we were tired of driving all over town to do our Halloween stops. Getting the kids in and out...church to church...family to family...and no fun and no trick or treating...well it STUNK!!! So instead we have a Halloween Party at her house. Everyone brings a dish and we play some games. Then we all load up in David's trailer (decked out with lights and a skeleton) and we trick or treat around the neighboorhood. The trailer is great because of all the little ones we have. Not to mention we had 19 kids this year...CRAZY!!! I love it and I am so glad we have started this tradition. Thank Lollie and DeDe for all your hard work.

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