Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Favorite Event to kick off the holidays

Yummy COOKIE!!!
Wow...we actually got a cute picture

They were so amazed. I just wish I had gotten a picture of Aunt Lolly...she to was very intrigued!!!

Henry was also enjoying the show as long as he got to sit with JoJo
Emma wasn't interested at all. She was way more into the craft. I wonder where she gets that?

OK...this is lasting to long...time to get down and play
Emma (5), Grace (7) Henry (16m) Belle (4) JoJo(hummm I'm not stupid)
I was so excited to get to work on Christmas Magic Steering Committee again. It is my most favorite placement in the Junior League. As an annual tradition we always take the kiddo's to Cookies with Santa. We made a great photo ornament, watched a funny magic show, ate yummy cookies and then got to see Santa. As always it was fun and memorable. You don't see Alex because she decided she was to old this year and instead she decided to go shopping on her own. Growing up has its privileges.

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