Sunday, October 4, 2009

Super Kids Marathon

I can't believe the endurance and perseverance my kiddo's have. I am so proud of them. Grace, Belle, Emma, Alex, and Henry (via stroller) have run 25 miles over the past couple of months. On Saturday they ran their last 1.2 miles to complete their Super Kids Marathon at Spirit of Survival this is a great event. I love that we are teaching our kids about being healthy and taking care of the body that God has given us.
Belle isn't in this picture because she got the stomach flu the night before. Thanks to Dr. Yap and his miracle pill she did make it. David pushed her in a stroller most of the way but letter her run her last little bit in. She wasn't about to not finish, she wanted that medal.

Kissing their medals they worked so hard for.

We ate luper at Meers. It was...well and experience. Again. WAY TO GO GUYS!!!

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