Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Nothing is as precious as family

We had an amazing Vacation to Port Arthur. We went to visit our Cousins: Tricia, Rhett, Libby, Caleb, Mitzi, Chuck, Breigh, Brook, and Landry. The drive wasn't too bad. Only around 7 hours.

The kids all did great. Henry even watched a little TV for the first time.

On our first full day we went to Shangri-la. It is a natural preserve. It was super hot but we all learned a little something and it was absolutely

Look at all those beautiful girls

This is a bee hive built in between 2pc of glass. So cool. Emma and I were a little scared but we warmed up to the idea.

Caleb and Henry got along great. I am sure they will be best friends. I think it is so cool that the only 2 boys out of 10 kids are just 6months apart. Thanks Grandma.

Emma and I sat down for a quick game of Tic-Tac-Toe. Those Rocks were HOT. and just in case you were wondering CAT got it.

Libby is such a Daddy's Girl. Isn't She gorgeous.

This fountain was so neat. Made from an old stump turned to stone. It was pretty but we all really just wanted to lay in the cool water.

My Sweet Men!!

I think this picture is so precious. Emma, Gracie, and Brook all holding hands.

Shad, Landry, Tricia, Rhett, Caleb, Brook, Laurie, Alex, Libby, Breigh, David, Gracie, Me, Emma, Henry. Mitzi is taking the picture and Chuck is at work.

Caleb, Emma, Landry, Brook, Gracie, Libby, Breigh, Alex, Bell and Henry

The GIRLS!!!...The boys are GREATLY out numbered

We were all ready for a swim after our hot adventure. Laurie, David, Mitzi, and Chuck left the kiddo's with us for a swim and dinner and they went out on a double date. Mitzi and Chuck took Laurie and David out for a drive around town and then they went and had an amazing dinner. 7 courses..or so I hear. I bet our PIZZA and Mosquito's were better. And they didn't get to watch the Ariel baby movie either...

The next day we headed to the beach. Our kids had so been looking forward to this part. The boys left really early to go fishing. We stopped by the HEB to pick up some groceries before we headed out. We weren't there 10 min before the girls were running for the beach. We played and played. The girls dug to china building "tidal pools" and trapping hermit crabs. David, Laurie and Alex sat waist deep and found the most beautiful shells and the occasional crab.

Jeanette's (Rhett's mom) beach house was AMAZING. I mean out of this world. Thank you so much Jeanette for you hospitality letting us stay there. Thanks to Tricia, Rhett, Mitzi, and Chuck for hosting us...all of us

This is Rhett's tractor...isn't that too cool. He and Libby cleaned the beach for us and then they went to the Tidal Pools for bait fishing...Shad what was your nick name??? BB

Did I mention Henry started walking while we were there.
Uncle DeDe sat in the water for hours with the girls. Finding them shells and hermit crabs.
Belly was so brave. She dug to china and then torchered(sp?)...I mean played with her hermit crabs. They found 93 on the last day they were there.
WOW Brook can get some air can't she...

That is my sassy sassy girl...I promise we didn't teach her that..She poses everytime the camera comes out.
There is always time for a quick game of Pirates of the Caribbean Life

This maybe my favorite picture EVER...Those are my babies loving each other..Alex you warm my heart the way you watch over him.

Me and my lil man...Ya I know I look good in that hat...My freckles thank me

Great picture mitzi

He pushed this truck all over the place. Filled it with dirt and pushed some more. For all those that know me..just look at how dirty he is...I am so proud of myself.

The boys went to a knew fishing spot with the neighbors (pictured later) They were very successfull..BOY DID THEY STINK!!!

Gracie always with a smile...Digging her tidal pools

Alex may act like she is too cool for school but she dug with the best of them...

So Happy at the BEACH

Sweet babies...all of them
I love the way he puckers his lips

Our girls...The love each other so much

Gracie was so sweet. She truly enjoyed just playing and digging with Henry. She didn't even mind when he knocked down the walls she had worked so hard on. That is LOVE

They were pooped out until we got a little food in them. This swing was a favorite spot while wating for the shower

He can crawl really fast. You have to keep and eye on him at all times. He can get away from you in a second. He loved crawling in the water


Sweet Fearless Landry

The second day of fishing was just as good. Notice how small the neighbors and Rhett make Shad look

This was the mighty Tidal pool..All the girls worked on it off and on....They made lots of them but this was the one they spent the most time on.
In conclusion this trip couldn't have been better. Family, Fun and Memories. I can't tell our family thanks enough. I love that my kids are making memories and love being with their cousins the same way that Laurie and I loved being with Mitzi and Tricia.


rhettandtricia said...

Love, Love Love it and all of you (of course). We're so glad you spent 7 hours in the car to come and visit. Next summer we can do a destination vacation!!!

rhettandtricia said...

LOVE it! So glad ya'll spent 7 hours in the car to come and visit. It's amazing how well all the kids got along. Next summer we will do a destination vacation! Love you

Misti & Thorin said...

Looks like you guys had fun...
You are so right - I LOVE THE PICTURE OF ALEX & HENRY!!!!! I said to myself, "that is my fave picture ever!!!" and then saw that you wrote that ... HAHAHAHAHA... great minds think alike:)