Monday, August 24, 2009

60 is the new 30

Laurie and I decided we wanted to do something to let JoJo know just how much we love and appreciate her. Afterall she is always there for us. She keeps the kids, she is always there to run and erron, show up with a sonic drink, basically anything we need. We are truly blessed.
As a small token of our gratitude we got together some friends and family to celebrate. Branding Iron/Friends/Family/Cake...nothing else needed!!!

Laurie made this beautiful cake. Thanks Dawn for sharing the secret for mom's favorite cake!

The Hostesses~!!!

Ryan, Carrie(my twin) and Carter...the only little one who got to crash the party

Gerald, Erin, Randy, Larry, and Conrad
Erin, Randy, Conrad, and Susan
Doug, Ty, and Shad (HOTTIE!)

Debbie, Janice, JoJo, Dawn and Joy (the brotherhood wives)
Gene, Larry, David, Dell, and Big Daddy
Rachelle and Gretta
PS...wondering where all those kids of our are....They partied at my house with Ms. Nancy and her husband kept all 10 of them. They had a water balloon fight, Pizza Party, and swam...WE LOVE MS. NANCY and Nathan!!!

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