Sunday, July 26, 2009

12 already

Alex's 12th Birthday.
I can't believe Alex is already 12 she is so much fun and so amazing. She has the best personality. Always happy always looks at the bright side. She is super helpful and keeps me laughing. She can be incredible thoughtful and when I need her she never says no. I enjoy hanging out with her!

For Alex's Birthday she was driving back from a family vacation with Candra. So when we got her we had a family dinner of her choice. We ate at Stanleys. Everyone loved it. Then we came home and let her open her presents. On Thursday night we took Alex and 3 of her friends to see the new Harry Potter movie. We ate Pizza, went swimming and had a yummy ice cream cake from Maggie Moo's. The cake was so yummy we forgot to even take pictures before we dove in. We had a GREAT TIME!

I forgot to mention that when you are going into the 7th grade you have to get a couple of boosters. Alex took it like a champ. We also found out that we might have scoliosis. That is the reason for the X-Rays. It took 3 tries to get them done. We made the best out of it. Lots of laughs.

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The Milfords said...

Why is she getting an x-ray and have band-aids?

Oh yeah, Happy birthday Alex!