Monday, June 29, 2009

Party Like a Rock Star

For Henry's Birthday dinner we all went to Olive Garden. Henry loves noodles and breadsticks.

After dinner we headed to JoJo and Big Daddy's to open presents and eat cake.

Henry loves music. This guitar was perfect!

Henry got a couple of riding toys. He loves his Little People Train. It makes lots of fun sounds.

He wasn't too sure about the tunnel. It moves way more than the one at school. We had to bribe him with his favorite present the Jack-in-the-box.

WOW...JoJo and Big Daddy got me a Rody. These are the coolest toys ever
Henry's Beautiful Cake. JoJo is such a Pro
JoJo always make Angel food cake with homemade whipped cream and strawberry's for each birthday. WE LOVE IT.


Thanks Big Daddy for my Rody. I love him!!!

Henry's Personal Cake. He can't wait to dive into it.

Henry and mamma just before the party begins.

My sweet sweet cousins Tricia and Mitzi drove all the way from Port Arthur with 5 children (4 girls and 1 boy) just for Henry's 1st birthday. We loved getting to spend time together. We actually had to pull the kiddo's apart when it was time to go. Don't worry we are headed your way as soon as you get us the weekends that will work. Libby already invited us to the beach house.

This is a full POOL!!!
Henry and his "babe's" Maycie and Savannah

Caroline-8 Brook-8 Gracie-7 Belle-4 Emma-5 We are defiantly a family of girls.

Ivey and Henry. Already best buds. They played catch with a ball in the pool forever. Then again on Sunday they played catch.

Henry loves to be surrounded with beautiful women. Jodi and Mayci, Mamma and Henry, Crystal and Savannah

Emma blowing out Henry's Candle on the Ball Cake (we love balls)

My family on Henry's Birthday. Alex-11 Me (?) Henry-1 Shad-34 Emma-5

Belle and Emma aren't they beautifulJust a little taste of the icing off of the candle.
Henry LOVED his cake. He ate every bite. It took him a minute to make sure it was ok to dig in but once he got the OK he was all over it. After the cake was gone he even lifted the plate to lick it. YUMMY!!!
Henry was super pooped out after the party. He wanted to play but only if he could lay down at the same time.

Henry is 1...I just can't believe it. There are so many thing that I want to say about him but I am not sure how to put my feelings into words. He is my absolute joy. I love going in to pick him up in the morning. His smile makes my day. I love the way he has started to hold his hands up to me to get me to pick him up. Even when he is in his carseat he leans over with hands raised to hold me. I love when it is bed time and I sing and he just lays his head down to rock. He can be so happy and playing and as soon as I start to sing he rests his head on me. I love the way he thinks all of his toys are balls and the way his eyes light up when he finds one. I love that he laughs so hard that he screams. I love that he likes to steal the remote and crawl off. I love the way he crawls so fast his booty shakes. Henry loves swimming, bathing, eating. His favorite food is grapes. He likes just about everything to eat but he really lights up when he sees the grapes coming. His favorite new toy is his Jack-n-the-box. Thanks Aunt Lolly. He loves it!

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The Milfords said...

It looks like a great party! So much fun! I can't believe he is 1. I mean really! Where did the time go? We miss you guys so much. Give love to everyone please!